Tuesday, January 3, 2017

First challenge of 2017

Yes, I started 2017 with a food ban that includes fast food, fried food, processed food, sweetened beverages and...

Except, mine is not for 21 days but for 3 MONTHS. My discipline towards food? ZERO. NADA. Sweetened drinks? Not an issue because I hardly touch them but desserts? What more McDonald is having twister fries right now! What am I doing to myself?! You can imagine the pain and oh, I am not looking forward to Chinese New Year. 

Regretting as the days go by, why didn't I set 1 month? 21 days? I used to want to go on a diet but it always fail at the 2nd day. Everyone look down on my resolution for eating clean. Don't get me wrong, I eat and love veggies. But at the same time, I love eating all kinds of food and yes, that includes unhealthy ones.

I feel that I should do something about my diet to speed up the recovery of the outbreak on my face. Yes, I still cannot get over it. Went for facial and first time the lady told me: "You have to come back next month (I went on the previous month) before CNY. *cries*

On the bright side, I survived day 3 (and hopefully counting on) so yay!

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