Saturday, December 31, 2016

Perception of a self is not simply about actuality

Looking back, 2016 has been a blessed year (as always) despite feeling anything but accomplished.  
  • I managed to juggle both work and school (yay to surviving the first year of uni!)
  • Played for SIM for both IVP and Sunnig - playing on court with ex-team mates (another yay!)
  • Introduced to the world of darts (my other pathway?)
  • Did a (semi) solo trip to Australia (more solo trips to come!)
  • A family trip to Japan (another yay!)
  • Started Maple again due to friends' influences (don't judge)
  • Experienced the worst outbreak on my face ever (still feeling deeper-than-the-ocean sad about it)
  • Ended a relationship (hey, still friends!)
  • Put on weight (dude, who doesn't?)
  • Learnt that not all friends are worth it, some are destined (or rather, choose) to be acquaintances only (sad but true)

With my goldfish memory, these are based on Facebook uploads so I am convinced that I actually achieved way more than mentioned, ok. Give me some credits. 

Not going to come up with a list of 2017 resolution because I know I will not abide, right? Where got time? So I say...

Bring it on, 2017!

The good, the bad and the ugly.

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