Saturday, January 10, 2015

One day we'll wave hello and wish we never had to say good-bye.

Met up with the secondary school peeps after God-knows-how-long for buffet dinner at I'm Kim, which is located at SOTA. Comparing this to Novena's Ssikkek, I would prefer the latter. In terms of meat choices, Ssikkek has more. Even though I'm Kim has some nice flavored meat but I still think Ssikkek is better. 
But yeah, I'm Kim is defintely cheaper.

The last time I met Shun Hui was in...2010 at Ngee Ann Poly- SOMETHING THAT HE HAS CLEARLY FORGOTTEN. pfffttt.

Then we headed down to Rochor's Beancurd for Tao Huey because the ageing man (ahem, you know who you are) wanted to have that for dessert.

Fuk Kin got cut off! HAHAHAHAHAS!

Nadiah upholds the reputation of being the Queen of Selfies. Look at all her Polaroid taking accuracy! More than enough evidences to back this claim *smirk*

Got to admit, albeit we don't see each other often, there wasn't any awkward moments. Thank God, hahas! The worse thing that can ever happen in a meet-up/gathering is awkward silence...............something which I can't deal with. It is a good thing all of us are out-spoken and comfortable with each other because all these made the little meet-up a fun and enjoyable one.

Yes, lots of talking/updating/sharing/gossips-whatever you call it but laughter and dramas are the mains and revelation is the highlight of the night.

Next's up will be a major social gathering which involves more people.

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