Friday, January 9, 2015

The Tiramisu Hero

Met Kar Yee and Hui Ying on a Friday night. They wanted to have something light at a cafe and kudos to Google, I suggested The Tiramisu Hero at Lavender area, which was convenient for the 3 of us. I know the 2 of them are fans of tiramisu so I was pretty confident they won't say no. *smirk face*

Anyway, it was located within walking distance from the MRT station (about 10 minutes walk) and it wasn't difficult to find. But because I passed by it before while looking for Chye Seng Huat Hardware, I know the exact location.

Before entering, they have a riddle on a chalkboard displayed at the entrance. If you get the correct answer, 1 glass of ice tea on the house! But only one try per table. We totally had no clue so we didn't try answering least we embarrassed ourselves, hahas!

It feels quite homey and comfy. The waitress talked to us, recommended flavors and was constantly refilling our water. I ought to admit, their service for a cafe is great. This is the first time I've felt like I was taken care of in a cafe because most of the cafes are self-serviced.

Merchandises for sales, some of them are hand-made.

They have different sizes for the tiramisu, ranging from Mini Hero ($3.50) to Buckethero ($27). We got the Mommahero ($7.50) size because Mini Hero sounds pathetically small (tiramisu in a cupcake).

Clockwise from the left: Lemon Lavender, Matcha and Original (their bestseller) 

Being a die-hard Matcha fan, obviously I will choose this over any others.

Honey Glazed Wings ($7.80)

This is an interesting concept because tiramisu has always been sold either in alcoholic or non-alcoholic flavors. This is the first time i come across a place whereby I can either customize or choose from a wide range of flavors (e.g. milo, horlicks, cinnamon etc).

Well, I think the taste is nice but not that wow-this-is-all-the-hands-down-in-the-world nice. The lemon lavender flavored has a sweet smell but the lemon taste is more dominant. The matcha is not bad, sweet but not too sweet but the original is still the best. The chicken wings are just average, nothing special about it:/

I thought it is a bit pricey because it is not that big but then again, the materials and ingredients used may not be cheap. You are allowed to bring back the jars and the kind waiter offered to wash them for us to prevent a stench.

Yeah, as you can see, I have to tip-toe.

Not that I won't return again but I will only visit this place once in a blue moon or on special occasions. If you haven't tried it yet and crave for some out-of-the-box tiramisu, this place can be in your options list.

Address: 121 Tyrwhitt Road
                 Singapore 207548

Contact Number: 62925271
Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm, Daily

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