Thursday, December 25, 2014

In the spirit of slumber parties

First and foremost...

Blessed Christmas!

Hope you people enjoyed a wide spread of turkey, logcakes, cookies etc. 

I had mashed potatoes and yogurts only. Why? Because I went for a surgery on the 23rd to remove an embedded adult tooth in the gum and I CAN'T EAT ANYTHING! (and that includes smiling, laughing, talking or any actions that involves moving the mouth because the wound bleeds easily at this point of time and the stitches hurt an awful lot.) 
I will be attending a wedding dinner on the 28th and I don't think I can eat solid food by then:( Sigh pie, missing 2 rounds of joyous indulgences.
So feast up on my behalf as well, alright?

Christmas this year was unlike the previous years because...

We had our very first (but not the last!) sleepover at Studio M! 

It all started when KY suggested to have a staycation at Studio M because the price was reasonable. It was a waste that Wei couldn't make it but nevertheless, there will always be a next time:)

All of us were working on that day but I was the last to reach because I ended at 11. Upon arriving, I was horrified by the size of the shower room and the toilet (Yes, they are separated). They are so small and cramped. Studio M will be off the list for the next round of staycation.

Since clubbing was an eleventh-hour decision, I did not have a planned outfit that was suitable. Thank God that KY and I are of similar build because she brought an extra dress and a pair of shoes for me. Aww. Since Zouk was the nearest, we decided to head there.

P.S. as prior mentioned, I can't smile so pardon my spasm face. I tried my best. My deepest sincere apologies if my spasm face or expressions offended you. But not to worry, no duck face because I can't and don't do duck face.

Josephine bought Christmas hats and insisted that we should wear it out. 

The walk to zouk eye-opener. So many people were sitting at the pavement, just chilling, drinking, talking, smoking and vomiting. I saw drunk girls sprouting nonsense too, hahahahas! The queue was Oh-My-Gosh long, no way are we going to wait till that long to go in. So we decided to head to a nearby bar to slack instead. 

It was 2plus in the morning by the time we returned. We took turns to shower and whilst waiting for the rest to be done, KY started taking photos. What's a pajamas party without taking heaps of photos? (aside from wear pajamas, of course)

A proper smile! (or so I hope)

I kind of like my Christmas hat, hahas, so must take as many photos with it as possible. An accessory to replace my smile. Alright, I am uttering nonsense, just ignore me. 
And no, I never drink so I am not drunk. I don't drink because I dislike the taste of alcohols and wines.

I toasted with my all-time favourite-the plain water
-insert cool face-

What's Christmas without logcake?

So we did gifts exchange and they came in different shapes and sizes

I've got a bag of make-up tools, similar to professional uses. I can help you to apply make-up and feel free to engage my professional services for any occasion or event:)

Just kidding, getting me to do your make-up is equivalent to committing social suicide. I have the least slightest clue of the functions of each brushes because I don't even put on make-up. All of them gave me a look of sympathy because that bag of tools will be wasted on me, sitting at the corner collecting dust.

Alright, more kodak moments!

Close enough

Just realized HY's face is in the photo, hahahahas!

Time check: 4plus am. We played 1 and 1/2 rounds of Monopoly Deal because Josephine can't fight the sleepiness anymore.  She has to wake up at 6plus for work; the life of a hotel employee. So the rest of us followed suit and KO.

Breakfast for 2 was included. HY prioritized sleep over food so I headed down with KY with a heart full of hope that they will have something that I will be able to swallow to satisfy the hunger bug. Thank God for scrambled eggs, milk and yogurt. At this rate, hitting my once-upon-a-time-49kg-target seems attainable.  

Because the setting was nice (not to the extend of beautiful) with a pool, KY suggested to take photos (again) and no, I am not complaining. I feel that we took a moderate amount of photos albeit can be more.

Next up, countdown!

Enjoy the festive season!

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