Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The return of the 3 musketeers

This time's meet up is with Wan Hui and Alicia. Can't remember when was the last time we hung out. I mean, all 3 of us are so busy, especially Ally who is in the designing industry so it is pretty difficult to find a common time. But alas, we managed to squeeze time out of our busy schedule to have a meet up before the year ends!

They brought me (the, ahem, mountain tortoise) to BwB which stands for Burgers VS Wings Bar at Orchard Central. Truth to be told, the highest floor I've ever been to was level 8, which is the level for the popular buffet place- Kiseki. So when they told me BwB is located at level 11, I was stunned and amazed. HAHAHAHAHAHAS! so yeah.

First time here and I've absolutely no idea what are their specialties (till now still do not have the faintest idea, yup). We ordered the Champion set which consists of 2 burgers, 6 chicken wings + drums and 1 mass tin of mixed fries. 

I was spoilt by their wide selections of burgers (by the way, most of them are beef patties) and the Tyson Peanut Butter Burger won me over. It consist of stockyard angus beef (I chose well done), streaky bacon, arugula leaves, creamy peanut butter, sunny side egg, cheddar cheese and sun dried tomato brioche bun. Sounds delicious right? I know.

For the chicken, Wan Hui chose Mozzarella and Herbs Butter Injection flavors. 

The mozzarella flavored ones won hands down. When you bite onto the wings, there are melted cheese inside and not just some cheese flavored skins. It was as though as they injected the melted cheese into the wings. 
Peanut Butter on beef? Well, that was a first but not too bad. They even give me a choice as to whether do I want the burger to be cut into 2 or 4 pieces. Obviously I go for 4. Despite cutting into smaller pieces, I still can't fit the whole piece into my mouth so I ate them by parts- top bun, beef and vegetables (with whatever that were at the bottom) with the bottom bun.
To summarize, it was fingers (or, utensils) licking good! Thumbs up!

There is always room for desserts! After which, we headed to Jones The Grocer at Mandarin Gallery for some sweets.

Carrot cake, Chocolate Indulgence and 3 scoops of ice cream (from left to right: Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla)

Salted Caramel and Rose Lychee flavored macaroons. 

Yes, I know it is weird that the strawberry ice cream is in white. All of us were surprised too but I honestly have no explanation for that. The carrot cake was pretty hard and gelate so I didn't quite enjoyed it. Either that or I am just not a carrot cake person, or rather, I prefer the hawker style- both black and white with no chilli. Shiok~

Anything that is hazelnut, lychee or matcha flavored food will immediately capture my attention because I have such weak spots for them. I hardly eat macaroons because they are too sweet for my tooth. I enjoy sweets but only to a certain extend. So when I saw the rose and lychee flavored macaroon, I gave in to temptation. 

Apparently, it is only average but the salted caramel one was the total question mark because it was in...blue?! Seriously? Too much colouring.

Since we were in town with the pretty decorations, it is mandatory to take photos. HAHAHAHAHAS! So pardon our my face.

North. West. East

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