Monday, December 8, 2014

Hard times will always reveal true friends.

Friend (n): One who listens, doesn’t judge, and somehow makes everything alright.

Soooo, we had a meet up on the 8th because I am going to rebond my hair tomorrow. At least I will look nice in the photos before that, hahahahas! On the day before the appointment, it will always be a good hair day, feeling oh-so-soft and wavy. I feel that my hair is playing me and I got irritated. Excuse me, after playing this trick on me for a few times, think I will fall for it? You will end up becoming frizzy and messy again. TSK.

Moving on as usual, I was up to something. This time it was the MacDonald One Piece collectibles! Initially I didn't want the ship because, come on, $3.95 for card boards? You're kidding me right? I rather get the Thousand Sunny model ship which will last way longer. 

Anyhow, my brother went to buy mac and we managed to get Luffy and Nami (I told him to get Luffy first because he is the most popular character). He saw the customers before him getting the ships and he had the sudden urge to own one because it was kind of big. 

Just nice I was on the way to Plaza Singapura to meet Jia Lin so I whatsapp her, asking if we can have mac for lunch since I have to get 2 Usopps (one for me, another for my brother). She agreed (after calling me a noob for nth times) and I told her about the ship. She volunteered to alight at Lucky Plaza to check out if there were any stocks for the ship left. Luck out and she walked down to Centrepoint. Still, no luck and we reunited at Plaza Sing, which needless to say, was sold out too. 

We went to maki-san to have sushi (after eating fillet-o-fish) and we did our catch up there. It was raining by the time we left and as usual, no fear because she, being the auntie pattern, carried an umbrella. And no, I am not complaining:)

She wanted to utilize her Polaroid film (the one I got for her) because it was overdue. Spotted one quiet section and she, being the master of taking photos, taught me how to take ourselves with the polaroid without asking for assistance. Moreover, the photos turned out to be nice. I was tempted to give myself a face-palm because I had so much difficulties taking polaroid with ST without troubling passer-bys. Decided to snap away using phone's camera too.

I can't do normal with her today, no idea why. 
My smile looked extremely forced.
She can never do funny. 
Leave the funny to me and the normal to her,
I guess that is how we compliment each other? hahas!

This kind of friend, where to find?
Since primary 3? or is it 4?
Thank God for you, dear friend

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