Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Friends become our chosen family

So we had a meet up (finally!) after the last round, which was quite some time ago to the extend whereby I don't even remember when. Despite having goldfish memory, I am pretty positive that it was a long time, hahas!

Anyway, dinner at Nam Nam at Raffles City, followed by a chilling session at Starbucks. Ooh, and Starbucks has this new Christmas Cookie Latte, which is not bad albeit it has a similar taste to the toffee nut latte.

As usual, catch ups, 'gossips' (because Kar just loves to gossip), discussion for the next meet up (Christmas or countdown?) etc. Naturally, I am the most outdated one so I did lots of listening. Well, they are the FBI and are constantly on the ball to get information from God-knows-where. Yeah, I am isolated from the world, being contented on my own island with God, hahas!
And we even get to see Kar's potential beau, teehee.

Countdown for Christmas and New Year in a club sounds...unappealing, yeah? Just the thought of the massive crowd turns me off. We should probably visit a club on a regular day. Can we go to zouk? I haven't been there before. I know I may sound like a noob but I explore clubs for their interior designs. Butter Factory has nice wallpapers that reminded me of habbo hotel, hahas! And also, for the mood.

I don't drink (not even wine) because I don't and can't appreciate the taste of alcohols. I mean, they taste so bitter and I can't fathom how can people say: 'oh, xxx is sweet and nice.' Like hello? are you serious? Where does that sweetness, that you've tasted, comes from? Although I sipped from your glass, how come I don't taste it? So yeah, the story of why-I-don't-take-alcohol.

Typical Singaporeans. See nice background/designs/set-ups, must go take photo.

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