Tuesday, November 18, 2014

20 facts about me (Take 2)

After many days/weeks/hours/minutes/seconds of procrastination, I've finally found the willpower to do the second part of 20 facts about me. It is practically hoodie weather everyday-which I am not complaining because I enjoy the coldness, albeit at the same time I feel lazier than usual, hahas!

11) I have a serious (?) case of OCD. I do not and dislike my hands to be dirty and that includes pen markings. If I accidentally leave a pen mark on any part of my hand, I will rub it vigorously until the mark is gone. So you can conclude that I wash my hands a lot too.
I just feel that because our hands are the first and main point of contact, all the more we should keep it clean all the time. I don't like touching public pillars and walls (e.g. bus stops and traffic light) because I shudder at the thought of creatures (e.g. lizards, ants etc) crawling over them. Gross.

*Bryna thinks that I have a serious case of OCD, hahas!

12) I have a goldfish memory and that explains why I interrupt people sometimes (my utmost sincere apologies!) whenever they are speaking mid-way. If I don't share what I wanna say at that point of time, I will forget by the time the person finish talking. If I got interrupted in mid-sentence, I will forget my 'speech' too. Yeah, happens all the time. I tend to listen and attempt to remember what people say and that 'overwrites' whatever I have in my mind. Sounds like my brain's capacity is only 1GB, hahas!

But I am amazed that I can still remember what I've learnt in my secondary school Social Studies and History. Sigh, those things that I should forget but I remember them. Those that I should remember but I forget them.

13) As told by many people recently, I have a fierce-looking face by default. My usual face is arrogant, sending the message to people that I am unfriendly, making me unapproachable. I've never known about this until I was in my poly year 3. After all, this face got bullied by my clique of friends in secondary school days.

A year 1 junior told the seniors that I look fierce and that was the very first time I heard about such a thing (although not the last). My Chinese dance students told me that I looked fierce and they do not have the courage to speak to me. After we got closer, they realized that I am the total opposite of my image.

14) I used to eat a lot of junk food when I was in primary school, hence the tummy fats. The current me wants to stab the primary school me multiple times for eating so much nonsense. As such, I've avoided eating such things since a long time ago (can't remember, prolly since secondary 4 or poly year 1?). I eat only when I crave for them, which happens once in a blue moon. At times when I crave for chips, I won't even buy because the cravings got satisfied upon looking at the nutrients information. *laugh*

15) I don't want to have a stomach with 6 packs, I just want a flat stomach with shape, hahas! I used to do a lot of sit ups that's why my upper stomach is flat but my lower stomach is ... I am just too lazy to train a tummy and can only rely on sucking the tummy in all the time. Is there anyway I can get a flat stomach without doing anything? hahahahas!

16) I stand at 162cm, which sad to speak, is the tallest among my family. Sigh, I want to be at least 165cm, just that 3cm more! Yeah, my family has short genes, even for my aunts' side but at least we are not midgets. I am thankful that I am at least 160cm:]

17) I have been trying to get my weight down to 49kg. I shared this with one of my friends and she mentioned that her sister felt that once you hit 50kg, it will be difficult to change the front number to 4. I share the same sentiment too. My weight fluctuates between 50kg-52kg no matter what I do. Sigh. But not to worry, I am not anorexic and neither do I force myself to puke after eating. What a waste of both money and resources to do that!

18) I enjoy reading and writing, hence the reason why I intend to take a degree in Mass Communication. If given a choice, yes, I would prefer to continue with Sports Science but there isn't a school in Singapore currently that allows me to further my studies for this area (I graduated from Republic Polytechnic with a Sports and Exercise Sciences diploma). NTU has a Sports Science course but it is more to the management side. I am more of a science kind of person, working in labs etc.

19) With reference to the previous point, I love science and no, I am not geeky! hahahas! I love doing research and finding out causes. An open mind and lots of reading are involved when it comes to exploring and understanding. It is a good thing I studied in Republic Polytechnic because I did researches for every lesson day through the internet and books. I love the feeling whenever I have this eureka moment (moment where you discover the answer and explanation to whatever you are looking for).

20) I've always believe in seeing the good in the bad. To me, every event that has occurred; be it good or bad, has an objective that God wants us to learn or know. If something good happens, take it as a blessing. If something bad happens, take it as a lesson learnt. Even in the worst of time, you just have to see the positive in order to brave through it. But most importantly, to pray for determination, wisdom and perseverance:)

It is easy to see bad in everything but it is never easy to see the good in everything,agree?

With that, 20 facts about me has officially come to an end!

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