Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The language of friendship is not words but meanings.

To start it off, I have been coughing really really badly since Thursday and officially lost my voice on Saturday due to throat infection. After resting on the bed for the entire day, my voice came back albeit not fully. Well, it is better than nothing. I've learnt to appreciate the ability to speak because those past few days were crap, for a chatterbox like me who was unable to speak. I was reduced to typing on my phone messages in order to communicate. Yeah, that was how bad it was.  Do you understand the agony?! 

Do not take things for granted, even the simplest act/thing/person.

||14 August 2014||

Woah, this is a major throwback to last month. Have been procrastinating this post since the start of the new job because I have to wake up at 6.15am so that pretty much explains why I don't even touch the laptop now. 

It has been ages since we last met up and really, there was so much to catch up on. Also, the purpose was to celebrate the July and August babies' birthday so it was catching 2 birds with 1 stone. Everyone's busy with their own lives and sometimes you wonder: " We haven't been talking but yet there wasn't any weirdness when we meet up. How is that even possible?"
With that, photos time (not the whole album).

They made my secondary school days an awesome journey. I will not trade them for anything in the world♥

Surprisingly for people like them (who often take selfies) had zero ideas of what a fish eye lens was. So they started playing around with the lens, in an amateur way. 

Wei Ling went : " Eh eh eh, let me try to take using the fish eye lens."

This cheesecake (from I don't know where, the hotel that Josephine works at) is good because it melts in your mouth. At first the packaging was quite high and big so I was anticipating a very big cake (greedy me, I know). When they removed the cover, my hopes and excitement just skydived upon seeing the size of the cake. 

But nevertheless, it was good.

We literally ate from it, without slicing because 1) It was too troublesome to divide and transfer them onto the plate, 2) the cake tastes nicer eating from it directly, and 3) Kar Yee and I have this weird enjoyment of eating food directly (e.g. ice cream from the pint itself, cake without slicing etc).

You must be thinking :"Woah, these girls ah, go toilet also must take selfies (or groupfies or whatever you call it). Buay Tahan (cannot stand)."
Actually I agree with you. I am not a person who takes a lot of photos but with them, they just want to snap and I happened to be around so yeah, hahas!

We took way more polaroids, about 15 I think? Lucky I brought an extra pack of film, hahas! Even taking polaroids have been a laughing issue. The self timer function got us laughing hard.

I don't need to take a lot, just one or two group ones will do but when you are hanging out with a group of experts in taking selfies (or groupfies), your intake just multiply.
Their endurance for taking photos are really up there. I was amazed by the massive amount of photos taken with different phones and poses. I belong to the send-me-the-photos-via-whatsapp category.

How can we end off without a mandatory fun shot?

Hand phones really are amazing, with the functions in taking photos and all. Will they replace cameras one day? I wonder.

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