Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Never Walk Again

Behind the scenes 

This shoot hasn't been an easy one, with the weather and all. We spent almost one whole day walking around, trying to find the spots with 'feel'. Too much walking, running, attempting to seek shelter under the pavilions etc, lots of energy were utilized. Now that I recall, I don't remember us having lunch, hahas! 

In the end, they cabbed to Nadiah's place with the intention to edit the photos but they fell asleep immediately. Me, on the other hand who was still brimming with energy, went to find ST, hahas! They really need to work on their stamina, tsk. 

Qi Zhi and his green tea bottle. Whenever we got a good shot of him, he will always be holding the green tea bottle and not his guitar. That bottle is a jinx.

The rest are on Facebook. 

Shoots are really fun, I think, hahas!

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