Monday, July 21, 2014

Bittersweet Acoustic

As promised previously, I posted one shot of my first ever photo shoot for a friend. Qi Zhi wanted to set up his own youtube channel and sought Nadiah's help in taking photos. Knowing that I have a DSLR, Nadiah invited me along and that marks the first time I played around with a DSLR.

We were not supposed to upload the photos before Qi Zhi broadcast his channel. Months flew by and there wasn't any news. Turns out that he forgo the plan of setting up his channel and is instead, singing in gigs with his new found partner. I thought it was a waste but nevertheless, I have decided to post the photos. I am way too lazy to even edit, hahas!

Pictures were all taken at Botanic Garden. Weather had been mean to us, pouring at one moment and sunny the next. We ended up seeking shelter most of the time:/ but it all turned out well!

Next post will be full of behind the scenes for this shoot!

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