Saturday, July 12, 2014

It ain't over 'til it's over.

First and foremost,

Congrats to YDC for getting double champ! 

It hasn't been an easy one with all the training, obstacles and whatnots. To be brutally honest, I think we got lucky, really and I didn't have the extremely-over-the-moon kind of feeling. Contradicting much? Well, pardon me and let me explain why.

The guys started off training with 4 ever since Sun Tang disbanded the team. YDC doesn't have enough guys so the ex-players were there just to fill in the numbers. This also means that they didn't train together as a team because they were asked to play at the very last minute. In fact, they only train together (and by that I mean full attendance) about 3 times before the game. Taking in all factors and with a stroke of luck, they got 1st.

Actually it goes the same for us females. We were in the 3rd table along with Crosslink, JVS and AJ. Among the 3 rival teams, Crosslink was the toughest. We won them albeit not playing well and I feel that we should have lost that match. It was a close shave, literally.

Alright, enough of the explanation. It's time for photo taking! It is so girl to take photos-win or lose also take,hahas!

The team that used to be the strongest (still missing a few players). I believe this competition brought back many fond memories, which is not a bad thing. Who would have thought that they will reunite to play as a team once again? 
No one.

After which, it was a round robin between the tops from each table. The 2nd table was the toughest among all 3 tables as Fairfield and Team Gen happened to fall under the same table. Fairfield was leading in the beginning but due to numerous mistakes, Team Gen won and became the top. Thrillblazor was the top for table 1.

Initially, we thought that we were playing against Thrillblazors but when we went onto the court, Team Gen was the one facing us. We were totally caught off guard and for me, I wasn't prepared to face them on court. Honestly? I don't know when I ever will.  I feel like I got myself into a hole so deep that I can't get out.

But I am thankful for the team, for the constant encouragements and concerns, especially during the match against Team Gen. Jia Jia and Chloe have been doing weird(?) motions and actions to distract me. I won't say it worked 100% but it did make me feel a little better and of course, closer to them.

Now that I think about it, did I exhibit traits of a Team Gen player when I was playing on court? The attitude to give all out? The demands for the team to do the same? The desire to win? Was I...similar to them? Did I hurt anyone, be it words or actions, unknowingly? 

My arms were in such awkward positions to the point where I thought they are gonna break from cramping. 

Missing Bryna who was down with fever. This team feels weird and different without you:( 
I know you are disappointed that you can't play, especially since you have been training so hard for this competition but I believe there will always be another one where we can play together:) Meanwhile, let's train harder and smarter together!:3

This is 10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated power of will, 5% pleasure
50% pain
and a 100% reason to remember the name

Thank you God, for the win, for the team, for the assurance, for answering my prayers and for everything.
I couldn't have done this without You.

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