Sunday, June 1, 2014

Bring on the night!

Hokay people, I did something that even I myself finds it unbelievable(yes, until now, I am still in a state of disbelief)

Run a 42.195km marathon

It all started innocently over a dinner at Kim Gary where Ah Lun and Qiao Sian suggested to participate in the full sundown marathon. I don't know what was I thinking at that point of time and I just agreed. I must have either 1) been way too hungry to protest or, 2) too distracted by food to even focus on what they are chatting about. Even at the signup page, I had no idea what I've let myself in for.

[This will be my first and last full marathon.]

You must be wondering: Wow Char, you are so fit to be able to run a 42km marathon etc. I got that a lot when people learnt about it. But, sad to disappoint, I am not as fit as how everyone assumed or described me to be. 

Before the race.

After the race. Seems like I am the only one who looked different from the before photo.

My objectives were to complete the race (without boarding the bus) in less than 8 hours and get the finisher tee.

Up till today, I still think that 42km is a small number. I have no idea why. Months before the race, my mindset was: It is only 42km, what's the deal? 42km in 8 hours? not an issue. I am (still) incredulous at the amount of confidence I possessed at that point of time.

And, the thing is, I didn't even train for it. Truth to be told, I only ran once and it was less than 10km. My uncle asked if I want to participate in the training program, which will last about 3 months to the race. I rejected politely, saying just run only, I am not running to clock my personal best but for experience and finisher tee.

And that was not the worse. I was down with food poisoning on the day before the race. I didn't had a proper meal because my body was flushing the poison/toxins/whatever and I wasn't hungry for the whole day. 

I was proven wrong when I ran the actual thing. No joke, especially the East Coast trail. I absolutely loathe running at East Coast because the path is always so straight and never-ending. But nevertheless, kudos to God, I managed to complete in 7 hours without injures, 1 hour before my targeted time. 

I collapsed on the bed for the rest of the day, only waking up for dinner and it was back to the bed till the next day. I suffered abrasions and I walked with much difficulties for a few days but I guess you can say, it was all worth it.

With that,

I am never gonna run for the rest of the year.

Maybe life, depending on circumstances.

Lessons learnt:
1) Never ever run in a marathon when you have just recovered, literally just.
2) Mind is stronger than the body. The human mind is really amazing.
3) God is my pillar of strength. I couldn't have done this without Him.
4) Run with a buddy. It makes the journey a whole lot better.
5) I am never going to join another full marathon. 

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