Sunday, May 25, 2014

Slappy Cakes

I haven't had pancakes for quite awhile so I met up with bestie to have DIY pancakes at Slappy Cakes (located at Resort World Sentosa). I had zero experiences in DIY pancakes and didn't know how it works so I didn't know what to expect.

At first we were deciding between House Of Nook, Slappy Cakes or Cedele. Jia Lin went to do her mini research and found out that Slappy cakes received better reviews thus, our decision.

Being the cheapo Singaporeans, we decided to walk in because we only need to pay $1. If we take the monorail, we have to pay $4. Initially we wanted to head to The Grandstand (they have another outlet there) but we totally had no idea where is the exact location and how to get there. Out of convenience, we decided to go to Sentosa. It was my first time walking in to Sentosa and I was quite surprised that it wasn't a long walk. The only bad thing is that it may get a little hot but other than that, walking in is a pretty cheap and good idea.

Anyhow, Slappy Cakes wasn't difficult to spot as they are located just a stone throw away from USS.

I chose Chocolate and Jia Lin chose Peanut Butter.
Both cost $8.50 each. 

Toppings that we chose were Bananas ($1.50) , Lavender Honey ($3) , Maple Syrup (given), Granola ($1.50) and Hazelnut Spread ($3). 

Let the cooking begins!

There wasn't any chocolate or peanut butter taste in the cooked pancakes despite the strong aroma. You need to add the syrups or toppings for flavours. The lavender honey is extremely sweet but it has a pleasant smell. I still prefer the maple syrup.  I expected the hazelnut spread to be thick and rich but it turned out to be watery for some reason.

The total bill came up to $30.60, which I think is pretty pricey especially when the quantity they gave were so little. I can totally get a main course with that amount and leave the restaurant with a full and satisfied stomach. Strictly Pancakes cost about the same yet I can feel full. So yeah, I won't pay so much to do this again but it has been a good experience.


Resorts World Sentosa 
26 Sentosa Gateway (next to Universal Studios) 
Singapore 098269 
Tel : +65 6795 0779 
Fax : +65 6795 8201 
Email :

The Grandstand 
200 Turf Club Road (Old Turf Club in Bt.Timah) #01-20/21 
Singapore 287994 
Tel : +65 6465 1814 
Fax : +65 6466 3277 
Email :

Their website:Slappy Cakes

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