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Xscape Singapore Review

Another round of room escape session and this time it is at Xscape @ Bugis Village. We have to play at night after the shifts because 3 of us are key holders, making it difficult for us to play in the day together.
Before that, a little introduction on what Xscape Singapore is.

Xcape Singapore – 1st Real Escape Game in Singapore. 

Have you ever wanted to be the main character in one of those escape computer games? Dream no more and put your intelligence to the test. You may not be Sherlock Holmes, but you've certainly got a whopper of a challenge waiting ahead of you. 

Xcape Singapore is the first and only reality room escape game in Singapore with Hollywood’s touch and feel. With a commitment to providing city dwellers with a novel concept of entertainment, you will not only find carefully and sophisticated built environments for you to spend your excess investigative talents upon; you will also be pulled into breath-taking story plots, putting you in the place of the protagonist in a thriller!

The room that we played was Vampire Diary

In order to return a favor to Salvatore, Dr. Hachi has assigned you the mission to penetrate the place that is rumored to be Dracula’s castle. By “cooperating” with the supernatural creatures, you could overcome the perilous traps and hurdles to retrieve the one and only cure for the supernatural beings to become “normal”. The story of immortal being, blood thirsty soul, and the curse of darkness, may be more than just an ancient legend……

Difficulty level: 4.5/5
Thrill factor: 3
Recommended Team Size: 4 - 8 Persons 
 Maximum Capacity: 10 Persons 
 Special Notes: Sometimes the closest friends may hurt you the most. 
 Skills Set: Strategic Planning, Crisis Management and Teamwork.

My verdict? I won't go back for this either.

1) Price. Similar to T.E.A, they are priced at $22 and $28 for off-peak and peak respectively. We played on Tuesday night, 10pm and that is considered under peak hours. The sizes of the rooms are average, cool (but stiff) revolting door and all but I feel the pinch when I have to pay so much for an hour game. BUT! We weren't given the full hour which brings me to my next point

2) Service. Yes, we were late (nope, I was punctual but the rest were late) for the game for about 5 minutes. My friends called to inform and they told us they had already started the timer for our game. Like what? I thought every room escape will be given at least a 5 to 10 minutes grace period but they started ours at 10pm sharp! They claimed that they have a booking after us but hey! You had 3 people resetting the room at the end of each play. No grace period for resetting and possible lateness? 

On top of that, their services were really horrible. There was this fellow who was explaining to us but his attitude was really arrogant. He even said we will call for help for the later part after receiving rejections from us for not wanting the hint. In a game of an hour, we were only allowed 2 hints but they still came in despite the fact that we had already maximized our hints. We don't even get walkthroughs if we failed to escape. Marketing strategy? Want to lure people to return to challenge the room again if they failed? Maybe. But I won't return for the same room.

I don't know about the rest but to me in this line, the way you treat your customers and the services you provide is very important. I won't wanna be treated as though as I am an annoying fly and get rushed out after the game. Bad services are a big turn off albeit I can tolerate.

I guess among all the staffs that were present on that night, only 1 was alright, the rest were horrible. But one thing for sure, T.E.A's services are way better than Xscape.

3) Tools and Puzzles. I like the revolting door idea even though it was a bit difficult to push around and may get stuck at times because of the gate. Puzzles wise, I like the passages because it encourages the team to work together. Oh and the storyline is linked to the television series, The Vampires' Diary. There are role plays for this room-witches, werewolves and magician so each one of us will be chosen to take on a role with different objectives to accomplish at the end.

It was the first time I ever tried a room with thrill factor! Normally I will avoid because, well, I am a scaredy cat. HAHAHAS! But there wasn't any sudden pop outs so it is suitable for the weak-hearted, like me. The thrill factor probably comes from the extremely dimmed environment, music, portraits on the walls and the scribbles.
The first thing that all of us were unhappy with was their services. We didn't quite enjoy the game from the beginning because of the timer and services but we entertained each other with our antics. 

We failed to break out:(

Operating hours
Mon - Thu: 11am - 11.30pm
Fri & Sat: 11am - 2am (next day)
Sun: 11am - 11.30pm
Peak: Mon - Fri after 6pm, Weekends and PH
Off-Peak: Mon - Fri before 6pm

Standard Price
Peak: $28
Off-Peak: $22

Visit their website here: Xscape Singapore

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