Friday, July 6, 2012

What does being good means?

Recently, I have many negative thoughts regarding the newly formed Tchoukball National Team for APTC 2012 which is happening in August at Philippines. It was affecting me in a way that I have the 'I-can't-be-bothered-to-train' attitude and I began finding weaknesses and faults in other players while looking at my strength. Thankfully, God spoke to me in my time alone with Him and changed my mindset.I feel that I have to blog and share it.

Awhile back then,I had people telling me that I was a better right winger,some shocked that I wasn't in the main 7 and etc.One friend even offered to train me,to prove to the others that I am a better player.I heard words and found out shocking news.That was like the Pandora box,which released the evil in me.Nasty thoughts filled my mind and I began to hold a grudge against the coach and the team.I began to judge the other team members in making myself feel better.Under those influence,I find it pointless to compete since I am there to warm the bench.

But as time goes by,I realized that these things are beyond my control,so why do I keep harping on them?It will only bring more misery to my own life,affecting my mood.So unhealthy.To counter this,I even thought of the good points of being the substitute like I am not under any pressure because I am not in the main 7 and etc.With that,training was normal,no goals no nothing-just go there to sweat it out and make myself less guilty for over-eating.

In one session of the quiet time,God referred me to Ephesians 1:15-23.It talks about praying for others is a privilege-and a responsibility.I was then asked:'Is there any friends who needs my prayers of encouragement right now?'The first group of people who came into my mind was the national team.With that,I began praying for some mates(at that time,a part of me was still nasty so I selected a few to prayed for).I felt better and a part of the other side of me diminished.

While walking home from training just now,I feel that I am not good enough to be in the team.I couldn't perform the 2-steps lateral pass properly,to the extend that I fell down and hurt my palms.I began to dwell on my weaknesses and blame myself for not being good enough to aid the team. God,once again,spoke to me through 1 Corinthians 12:18-27.It talks about One Body,Many Parts.
Verse 25:"So that there should be no division in the body,but that its parts should have equal concern for each other." 
Verse 26:"If one part suffers,every part suffers with it.If one part is honored,every part rejoices with it."

Similar to being in a team,we need one another.We learnt to work with one another and use each others' strengths to cover up each others' weaknesses.We need one another to be who God wants us to be.The toughest challenge is working together and form the strongest team.

Next,what does being good means?According to Longman Dictionary, it means:
1)something that brings gain,advantage or improvement
2)action or behaviour that is morally right,worthy of praise or in accordance with religious beliefs and principles.
3)good people generally;those who do what is right

So in Tchoukball context;
If you can shoot 30-90 degrees,are you considered good?
If you can defend all kinds of shots,are you considered good?
If you can score with every shot,are you considered good?
If you can score but can't defend,are you still considered good?
If you have the right attitude but skills are not on par with the rest,are you still considered good?

In His eyes,each and every one of us is a good player.We are all good in our own ways-that is what make us so special and unique.Each of us possess different strengths and weaknesses.There is a reason for everything-including the presence of each and every one of us.That's why instead of harping on external factors and seeing the negative side,why not see the goodness in others?After all,we are a team,we are one.Instead of being selfish and pulling others down,we should reflect and work on ourselves-what is wrong?How should I train to improve so that I can help my team?How should I encourage others who are feeling demoralized?I am playing for God's glory so how can I compete for Him?

It was,definitely,well time spent with God.Praise God!All glory goes to Him!

Lord,help us be encouragers
By praying for our friends in need;
And give us opportunities 
To show them love in word and deed.

Lord,help us to see how much we need each other
in our Christian walk.May we show Your love
to others who are different than us.Give us an
open heart to learn.

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