Saturday, July 7, 2012

Today was a day of rushing. Had club training in the morning and a very satisfying Yong Tau Foo meal for lunch.hahas,I love YTF,seriously.Furthermore,it's cheap!You rarely find cheap YTF nowadays:/

Rushed down to Admiralty to ref(in the place of Irene cause she need to study) for To The Max Tchoukball competition organised by New Life. Afterwards,rushed off again to Haw Paw Villa for dinner at a Korean BBQ restaurant to celebrate Anthea's birthday.

Believe it a not,put water into this bowl and these sweets-looking things become towels instantly!

Korea Rice Wine.Smells and taste like beer,except that it is sweeter(claimed by my aunt) but I still dislike it because it tastes like medicine to me:/
Never like alcohol and wines because of the bitterness.I don't know how or why but I can never find the sweetness in them.

Ginseng Chicken Soup.Disappointing because it was tasteless.Of course,the Ginseng Chicken Soups in Singapore can never ever compete with the authentic ones,which are found in Korea.
The nicest I have ever eaten was in Korea.Sedap!
Eating this on a freezing cold weather spells SHIOK!

Heart shaped watermelon!(with lots of seeds)
Should have gotten the crews to remove those seeds since we paid for service charge.HAHAHAHAHAHAS!Don't worry,I was just kidding;)

I was under-dressed-Sports attire with slippers BUT I didn't mind a bit at all.

Headed home for the cake cutting ceremony.Cho-co-late cakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey~

Suddenly the thought of having this for breakfast for the next few days kills my excitement a lil'.

The mischievous earthlings!<3

Once again,blessed birthday Anthea!Keep walking with God for the rest of your life.
13 and ongoing,please be less bim.Hope you like the prezzie from me(Deh~you will because I have good taste).
Love you!xoxo

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