Monday, July 16, 2012

Well spent weekend!

Fun filled packed activities over the weekend.
First's up,6E 2003 meet up at Sakae Sushi at Citylink.(not the whole class but it's good enough!)

We've finally met up after 9years!WOW.I would say most of them stayed the same,in terms of appearance and character(only some for this) but can't deny that there are subtle changes.hmm.Teck Jin began digging up all the past and thank God it wasn't an awkward gathering.Good to see everyone!:)

After that,it was Josephine's 21st birthday at Eqarius and Beach Villa Hotel at Resort World Sentosa.
The theme is nerd.All I bought was a pair of geek spectacles,hahahas.close enough.

So Wei tied my hair into 2 ponytails to suit the theme and took a photo.I don't look nerd to me,somehow.hahahahas!

It's like slowly,everyone is turning 21!

Happy birthday,Josephine!Hope you had fun and thanks for the invitation!;)

SUNDAY,BEACH GAMES AT SENTOSA(again!) at Siloso Beach.I couldn't play due to the rules set for those who are going for APTC 2012 to prevent injuries. Down for refereeing and it rained for awhile suddenly.But thank God,rain stopped and we resumed.

So...what's next?

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