Friday, May 4, 2012

What a joke.

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“Hello sir, on behalf of all the Filipino community in Singapore and new citizens like myself, we thank you so much for believing in us and I hope you will continue your good policy of bringing more people from all over the word to take Singapore forward.”

“….we have the FULL support of your government and we love them. They believe in our talent. Face the new reality, migrate somewhere else cause you can’t stop more of my people (from Philippines) from coming here.”


Talents?Honestly I don't see any talents apart from getting a spouse(e.g. A Caucasian husband or having picnics at Orchard Road). If you are not in your mother land,please be humble and don't act like you are some big shot here cause we have way better talents than you.This is why Singapore talents are sadly not found in Singapore.The thought of having to fight for careers with these losers is so unbearable.

Plus those guys who are serving NS,poor them cause up till this point of time,we still don't know who are they really protecting-the so called 'foreign talents' or Singaporeans?This question is clearly left unanswered.A rule like:'FTs who want to be a Singapore citizen should serve NS' sounds good to me.

“You have such a LOSER mentality. You have to wake up….We have people earning so much than you guys..”
OMG,calling us losers when you are the real loser.You are obviously here to enjoy the harvest of our ecoonmy and still have the cheek to be so ya ya about it.If I were you,I will be eating humble pie and making peace with Singaporeans.

These people are seriously rotten apples that affect the whole community.I hope it is only a minority of them because I believe there are some humble ones out there.

Excuse me but I am not afraid to say that you guys are not the real FOREIGN TALENTS!
If PAP is not going to do something about it or continue encouraging them to come in,sorry,you are losing my vote in the next election

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