Sunday, May 6, 2012

The family that prays together,stays together

Watched The Avengers in 3D yesterday night with the YDC guys,Esther and Kendrick. It is niceeeeeee!Think there is going to be a part 2.
Hoho,next up will be Men In Black(MIB) 3.MIB is one of my childhood memories,from television shows to computer games.

Chris Evans is soooo good looking!;)

This is cute,especially The Hulk!hahahas!

So it has been ages since I last uploaded photos.Wordy posts are getting a little mundane.So there,photos with cousins,not forgetting special guest star-Eeyore,are up!Photos are taken using Itouch Actioncam.It is a nice app,hahas!

 I think my eyes look scary here. The sclera(the white of the eye) can't be seen here!I look like a ghost from Ju-On.hahahas!
See the difference?hahas!

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