Friday, May 11, 2012

Experience is one thing you can't get for nothing.

After today's training,I have been thinking about what are my weaknesses in Tchoukball and what are the areas of improvement. Definitely there are many areas to improve on but after playing for 2 years odd,I should be of some standard right?

1) Shots.
I need to learn how to shoot the different angles properly. I remember when I first started out as a right-winger,my 45 degree shots were low.But now,after learning the 60 and 90 degrees shots,my 45 degree shots are like,goners.I can't even shoot a low 45 degree properly.All my shots come out to be 50 degree and above.I need to find back the right techniques in shooting low 45 without affecting my current 60-90 degrees low shots.It's gonna be a challenge but I know I can accomplish it with God.

2) Defending from the right
As a right winger,my defends against the left shooter is way way better than against the right shooter.Even Jeff noticed this point.I admit,I tend to slack a little whenever the right winger shoots.Probably cause females tend to shoot the FP(the middle player) and LW(left wing) more.The shots hardly come to me.
But it will be different if I play the FP position.I will be more attentive in defending both sides.
Hmm,guess this is the area that I need to work on.

3) Stamina and jumps
I need to train up my stamina.Training about 3-4times a week but somehow the stamina is still not there.Lazy to jog in the evenings and unwilling to work extra,hahas.What a lazy bum:/
Recently,shots are caught landing.Got to tuck in my legs and jump higher.Maybe it is time to cut down on those junkies but I am a bit unwilling;p
BUT!I am going to start eating healthily now,just like last time.I can do this...WITH GOD!teehee;)

With that,the list goes on.But I am committing everything onto God's hands.He is my coach and I play for Him.Whatever that I can do,it's all because of Him.So I believe I can overcome all these issues with Him because there is only so much I,a human,can do alone.But with Him,everything is possible.

May the glory be God's

"I play with a fear of letting God and people down. That's what motivates me."

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