Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The sky is so wide for the birds to fly

I have a good feel that 2012 will be a fruitful year.Why so?Let me explain.
I'm going to graduate soon,which means I will have some time.I'll be taking this time to job hop around and see what I want to do in life.More or less,I know what I wanna do already.

Next,I'm going to learn a couple of things.Driving will be one of them.
The next thing that I am going to take up will be...*drum roll please*....


I wanted to take up Judo a long time ago but I didn't have the courage.hahas! At some point of time,I was stuck between Aikido,Judo and Taekwondo.Now that I have made up my mind,Judo it shall be!Muhahahahas!
&& I can't believe JJ agreed to join with me,considering the fact that the lessons are in the east and he stays all the way at the west!I was just telling and asking him randomly about it but he took it for real.够朋友!hahas!
*Got potential,quit Tchoukball and go competitive!hahahahas!*

Like an excited child now*hopping around*
It feels like I haven't been excited about something for such a long time.Many unhappy and stressful events have been happening recently.Oh well,brush that aside.
Who knows?I may excel in it and go competitive.
Ok,time out.Too much thinking,hahas!

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