Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The easiest way to not get hurt is to not care.

Sorry that I am unreasonable all the time.
Sorry that I am petty and overbearing.
Sorry that I am always being ridiculous.
Sorry that I am always so demanding.
Sorry that I am always so fickle-minded.
Sorry that I am always so sensitive.
Sorry that I always throw temper.
Sorry that I always show attitude.
Sorry that I always care too much.
Sorry that I always worry for nothing.
Sorry that my heart and I can't take shocks.
Sorry for being so weak.

1)become stronger
2)train my heart and myself to take more life-threatening shocks
3)stop caring
4)stop making unreasonable demands and ridiculous remarks
5)stop acting like an old fellow who is always worried about anything and everything
6)learn to take in all tones and words
7)stop being insensitive
8)be more understanding
9)learn to control my temper
10)stop showing attitude

First lesson of 2012
Showing too much care and concern is no good because it will be deem as ridiculous to the other party.Rather than showering it on others,I should treat myself nicer.Smile more,laugh more,take things easy.I will think before I speak because I need to choose my words wisely,if not it will hurt others-something which I don't want.I will also learn to tolerate people's attitude towards me.What goes around comes around-if I show others my attitude,I must be able to handle theirs too.

Wanted to share with you what I want to do but I guess at the end of the day,nobody is there to listen to you.They hear what they want to know.But never mind,it's alright!Used to it already.
Time to care a little lesser.
Got it.

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