Sunday, January 1, 2012


It's Goodbye!to 2011 and Hello! to 2012
Obviously I won't be doing any resolutions this year because I'll clearly forget about them.I'll just stick to sharing whatever lessons I've learnt- the good,the bad and the ugly.

To summaries 2011,
This is oh-so-true.I believe it applies to almost everyone out there.

The dramas,the tears shed,the loss of friendships,the regrets,the mistakes made,the stress,the pressure,the influence,the loss of hope,the demoralization,lost in the world and etc-been there,done that.
Trust me,you are not alone.But that does not stop us from looking at the bright side of life.

The joy,the laughter,the presents,the gain of friendships,the lessons learnt,the courage gained,the surge of hopes,the quality time spent with loved ones,the achievements made,breaking your limits,being proud of your decisions,enjoying every single moment of life and etc.

"When life give you a hundred reasons to break down and cry,show life that you have a million reasons to smile."

I am so over this and I'm just gonna let nature works it's own course.God will handle everything(:

So,in the year 2011,I believe in a couple of things like:

Being happy results in undesired outcomes

My lack of trust and stone walls.

*note:believe is in present tense because it is still happening.

But at the same time,I have also learned a couple of things like:

The importance of having someone by your side(be it family,friend or love)
The difference in reasons for missing someone(or his/her company)-having feelings vs. used to company.

Singles out there who are still wishing and waiting for your Mr/Miss Right, be patient.Time will announce his/her arrival.He/She probably got lost on the way.teehee.

If it's not obvious enough,I am trying to put the past behind me.
Yes,I do make mistakes.That's how I learn and grow.Nothing matters more than me being happy.I want each year to be better and happier.
Hey,life's short!If I'm going to stick around,dwelling on my mistakes or past,I'll never get to enjoy the different flavours of life.Isn't that like wasting your life and time away?

When I think of all the things I have yet to do(travelling and etc)
When I think of my current advantages(still young and etc)
When I think of my future(family and etc)
I have hope.

HOPE,a 4 letter word.
So short yet so strong.

To end it off,just keep smiling with a positive attitude and mindset.
Don't give up,hang onto hope.

"Let's face it:we learn from the mistakes we make and the suffering they bring. The universe is a soul-making machine and part of that process is learning,maturing and growing through difficult and challenging and painful experiences. The point of our lives in this world isn't comfort,but training and preparation for eternity. Scripture tells us that even Jesus 'learned obedience through suffering'-and if that was true for him,why wouldn't it be even more true for us?"
-Adapted from The Case for Faith

2012 will be a better year than before.

On the other hand...
I need to do something about my laziness.

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