Friday, July 1, 2011

Say NO to Tchoukball on 19th June 2011!

Before you continue,be warned that this post will not have as many photos as the previous entry because I was busy playing around.hahas,more photos can be found at the other's facebook.

So I woke up early on Day 2.I guess my body clock is screwed already.Gathered and went for breakfast at the villa.Simple and ordinary with bread,nasi lemak,fried noodles and etc.Not much of choices.Suddenly,Inez,Christine and Wynn started tying fish braids.

Done by Christine on Inez's hair.

Then we retreated back to our villas to get ready for high elements.Took random pictures and Inez's hands got itchy so she attempted to tie fish braids on ME.
Final product. RAINED while we were walking!no,strike that,it was POURING!Thank God the van came to pick us up if not,we will be drenched.
This is the honeymoon suite.Look sweet,no?

Wanted to go for the high elements but there were too many mosquitoes so the girly side of me painfully gave up the idea.hahas!So I got into a minor accident which resulted in me getting a 'tattoo'.hahas!
I was riding the manual ATV.For those who don't know what's that,take a look at the next picture.
Cause I was speeding and the track was uneven and bumpy,I lost control and went off track.However,the brave side of me attempted to jump off from the ATV before it bump into a small tree.During the process,my left inner thigh accidentally touched the motor(ouch!) and that's how I got my tattoo.hahas,the funniest thing was that,the brand of the motor was imprinted so I need to go suntanning and hopefully it will camouflage.
Anyway,Inez got stuck too so we were helpless.hahas.Lucky Michael came and it took him quite awhile to get the ATV back on track.For that,I felt bad.

Despite falling off,I still dare to ride.hahas!What doesn't kills you,makes you stronger!(:
The wound was no joke.Blisters soon formed and I found myself being a joke,hahas!

Went back to the villa to wash up.Me and Amy washed 7 pairs of slippers together cause they were so muddy.
All Havaianas!

Checked out of the villa and headed for our long-awaited...MASSAGE!
My first time experiencing a 1 hour massage.It was an awkward yet painful experience,hahas!But the place was so serene that you can actually let loose and relax.In the end,my calf was aching.

Headed for lunch at this particular place.I've learnt that eating in Bintan can get costly.So basically they serve you dishes and charge you for whatever you touched.For us,we touched everything they served.hahas!Oh and this was my first time eating lunch with fingers.I always have this mindset that food taste nicer by eating with bare hands,like chicken wings.Retarded thinking,I know.I enjoyed this lunch and as usual,I ate the slowest.

Everywhere's closed on Sundays at Bintan,unlike Singapore so we couldn't get much things.A bit disappointed but we bought some snacks from roadside like fried bananas,tapioca chips and etc.Headed to the ferry terminal to take the ferry back to Singapore.

Super crowded and this time, the ferry was late by an hour!How exaggerating!First time and it was a bad experience,tsk.Got a seat and I was accompanied by a baby cockroach and a broken seat that kept falling onto my legs.Awesome eh?
The feelings of not working on weekends...SHIOK!

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