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Say NO to Tchoukball on 18th June 2011!

I'll just blog with whatever photos I have.If I wait any longer for the rest,I will probably forget.hahas!
No Tchoukball retreat was fun though a couple of accidents happened(it will be made known later in the post).But I believe I will become stronger,hohoho.Thanks to Beel for planning this whole trip:)

So gathering time was 9am at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal and I was early by 15 minutes.Breakfast and a couple of photos and there we go!

We got to take some photos for some WTC thing or something like that.
Presenting...the awesomes:D

Our ferry,Penguin,was late by 20 minutes(cannot remember the exact duration) and it was packed inside.So all of us just chat,stand around and take photos.I was thinking in one corner that's why never take part in their photo taking session.
It was my first time travelling on water and thank God I don't have seasickness but I took the pills to play safe.The weather looked threatening and the waves were chompy. Imagine if someone has seasickness yet never take pills,I don't know how is that poor fellow gonna endure a one and a half hours journey.

Bottom deck was filled with people so we took the upper deck.The seats were wet and it was a smoking area.It was obviously a test of endurance for me,hahas,with all the smokers around.Slept for awhile,admire the scenery and took photos(using different cameras).

The waiting time at the custom was freaking long.The people took a long time to stamp, take photo(like weird?) and what nots and the queue was filled with so many people.So many tests during this trip.In this case,it was a test of patience.hahas!Oh,and the policemen were wearing tight fit uniforms?Like how are they gonna run in that outfit?
Anyway,we were introduced to Michael,our so called 'tour guide'.He drove us in a mini bus around.When I stepped out,it was like Malaysia with many bikes.Suffered a bit of culture shock,hahas!
Went to buy the return tickets first cause it's cheaper from there.Headed to a place for seafood which totally took 3/4 of my cash away.hahas!I changed SGD$25 which means I got 22000 rupiah.I felt rich for a moment but this lunch took 20000 rupiah away and I was left with 2000 rupiah.hahas!

Sambal chilli crab.
Ordered simple dishes like black pepper prawns,steam fish and etc.Wanted to take the rest of the food but the people at my table were hungry so they strike before I snap.

After eating,a 25 minutes ride to the villa.Interesting sights and my favourite habit is back.I started taking photos of random streets and buildings,like again.But don't worry,I'll save those sights for myself and just share a few with you people.How considerate of me,hahas!(:

This is their new private hospital.

And TA-DA,finally arrived at our resting place.A very nice and simple place but full of mosquitoes and houseflies.

The different views of lobby:

After we got our keys,we walked to our villas.

These 2 are ours,no.22 and 23!
TBAS people are Havaianas supporters,hahas!
Our villa consist of Irene,HuiPing,Melissa,Amy,Christine,Inez and me.hohoho.This villa has 3 rooms and a living room.Oh and they provide a small tv too!cooooool but never watch.
Introducing my roomie...Inez.hahas!Lots of patterns from the both of us;p

Headed to 23 to meet up with the rest.Played some games and I ended up losing,hence a forfeit.Some may have seen the video on Facebook.In case you guys cannot catch,I'll tell you what is it about.
I was supposed to seduce Rezal(our coach) and pluck one strand of his leg hair.But poor me obviously have zero knowledge when it comes to the art of seducing so I asked him directly if I can pluck his leg hair instead,hence earning laughter from everyone.Oh well,at least all of us had a good laugh right?;)

After that headed to the function room to watch a Japanese movie.
Rookies (2009-Japan).jpg
This is a continuation from their drama series.For those who don't know,this is what the drama and movie is about:
Futakotamagawa High School HAD a Baseball Club/Team, but because of a fight during one one of their games, they were suspended for a year from all games. Kawato Koichi is the new Literature teacher at Futakotamagawa High, who has had his own suspension from accidentally punching a kid (from his previous teaching job) out a window. The Baseball Club is composed of minor thugs who smoke like chimneys, chase skirts, and their main past time is fighting. Kawato-Sensei's persistence, bigheartedness, and his belief in the kids allow each member one-by-one to turn their lives around. They realize that they have dreams and that dream is to play at Koshien High School Baseball Tournament. But, they run into loads of drama a long the way, including random thugs who want nothing more than to keep them from playing Baseball, fist fights, and personal drama that almost disallow them to even keep the Baseball Club/Team, let alone compete in the tournament. Eventually the Kids learn that the saying "All For One, and One For All" is the only way they will overcome all obstacles in the way.
Had a talk after that.Conclusion:

Nothing less than second.
Break a leg,Women's team!

Time for dinner!Barbecue by the pool.Nothing romantic cause it was quite dark plus the bats were flying around.hahas!Sorry ah,I am not so much of a romantic person.Pool table and KTV room were opened.It was the night of enjoyment for everyone!

Mel,Amy and I were not singers and we don't play pool so we entertained ourselves by watching the music videos,laughing at people playing pool and singing and taking photos!
My Facebook display picture,my favourite!:)

A birthday surprise for Inez with one large black forest cake arranged by Michael.He really helped us a lot.Many thanks to him!

It was a showdown between Mel and Rezal.Their game lasted for...quite some time.hahas!It took them about 5 minutes to end the game with Mel winning.hahas,joke.

The game between Wynn and Rezal ended quick with Wynn winning.hahas!
The photos were in order,just that I kept going in and out of the room to take different snapshots.
Some incidents happened and we retreat back to the villas to rest for the night.Inez and I ended up talking till we fell asleep,which is about 2plus?Oh and by the way,Bintan is 1 hour ahead of Singapore(if I never remember wrongly).

Stay tune for Day 2!

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