Sunday, January 23, 2011

Last day in Korea!

Hello royal readers who have not given up on checking out my blog (for don't know how many times).hahas!I am back,once again,to update on my little space.

Last day in Korea.-15degree and I wore just a long sleeve,jeans,shoes,coat and scarf,thinking that the rest were not needed to go back to Singapore.I thought I will freeze till something happened but surprisingly,I survived!hahas!
Actually ah,I cannot remember what happened.hahas!

We were brought to this place where they sell Amethyst and I bought a Amethyst ring for my grandma.
Eh,not cheap hor but for her,anything's worth it(:

Headed to the airport.Went round taking random shots.hahas!

I like taking flights at night because the scenery is awesome.Thank God my cousin got a window seat and I swapped with her.

Bird's eye view of Korea.super niceeeeeeee!

I am confused over which one is which but this last photo is confirmed Singapore.hahas!
Yup and that's the end of the 7chapters of Korea Trip.Awesome place to go,especially the skiing.hahas!I miss eating kimchi,I miss the freaking cold but awesome weather,I miss wearing scarf(?) and etc.hahas!

I am down with flu!*sniff*

"I can do all things through him who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13
It's gonna be intense for the next few weeks but I believe I can pull through with God by my side as my pillar of strength.

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