Sunday, January 23, 2011

We do not remember days;we remember moments.

Right,I am gonna show you the place where I have been staying for the past 17-18 years of my life-which is also the place which I have been missing dearly.Imagine going to the market on the weekends yet I cannot go up,how agonizing.Sigh,it's like so near yet to far;(

Before that,I am gonna show you some of my Grandpa's achievements.He has tons of things like this!:O

Cool or whatttttttt?

Right,so this is room no.1

That is the very very old sewing machine where you have to step on the pedal to get it moving.This is what I used to mend my school uniforms!

This is the balcony

This is a 3 room flat.Many said that it is big but I don't think so eh:/

The start of the kitchen tour

The kitchen is like a L shape.

The shower place. I didn't take the toilet cause it is er...hahas!BUT the toilet seat is GREEN!

Room no.2

Balcony is on the other side,which is shown in the next picture

My book shelf used to be here,flooded with trophies,books,VCDs and etc.But the shelf is gone,along with my trophies and everything.

The place where Granddad's plants were.Yes,I used to do gardening.I felt that they were a part of him and this was one of the things I love doing together with him.But now the plants are gone and so are you;(
Ever since then,I have stop gardening.
The stairs where we always take photos.

The place that's full of memories.

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