Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 6 in Korea!

Hiiiiiiiiiii!I'm back to update on Day 6!I'll be honest, I have almost forgotten most of the events that happened BUTTTTTTT, I will try my utmost to remember(:

Rise and shine early in the morning and headed to this place for some beauty lesson.Oh my gosh,I am like a total noob when it comes to things like this.Like Hell-O?I am not interested.pffffff.hahas!

Then we had steamboat(Oh God,again?) with lots of veggies(like again?!)

We were brought to this Ice Gallery place for ice craving.But before that,there is a super duper cold place for us to explore...

TA-DA!A place where they store ice sculptures!It's freezing cold but freaking awesome-o!

My new found ice friend!hahas!

Toilet anybody?

Bonsai tree
Paris tower
An ice bar!If I have a bar,I will have this ice concept!hahas!
Then we went up for ice craving.Top 3 gets a medal.
You are supposed to crave a cup/mug in any shape,size,design or pattern.It is totally up to you to explore your creativity!

From this to become...
...this!Yes,for those who cannot tell,I went for a spade concept but halfway through,I shaved too hard and my handle broke!hahas!It is not easy though,tiring man!Another great work out for my right arm,hahas!

Guess what,my cousin came in 2nd!hahahas!I bet he had no idea what was going on because it was not done by him!ahahahahahas!

We were brought to this street to explore and shop.Weather was icy cold but I like:D
There are so many beauty shops around!Like there is one face shop/skinfood/etc in this lane,turn left and you will see another one.Like woah!Competition not fierce ah?hahas!But I don't deny that it is convenient,at least I don't have to go back to that specific lane for the shop.It is everywhere!

Seriously,I like taking random pictures of random streets in random countries.I don't know but I just like how natural the shots come out to be. Mother Nature is another awesome thing to capture(:

Korea's version of Bak Ku Teh at this place.Spicy but shiok to the max though a bit difficult to eat.

Went for this martial arts comedy performance,Jump.An awesome show to end off the night.I was told that their tickets are always sold out in Singapore within like 1-2 days?Tough to watch it in Singapore but I get to watch it without doing anything in Korea.hahas!I don't mind watching their performance again should they ever come to Singapore.Who wants to watch with me?hahas!
OH OH && there is this particular guy who is like...woah!hahas!

Wanted to explore the hotel area but nobody accompany me,all lazy to go down:(

It's time to think things through

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