Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 4 in Korea!

Right.Before I start,here's wishing all a blessed 2011!

So early in the morning...

...we went to this park
And as usual,I underestimated the weather.No beanie,no scarf,no gloves-just a coat.Because it is like a Buddhism place so I was not really interested.Most of the sceneries were taken by my brother.Not gonna upload all cause all are in Facebook.

I realized I look chubby when I smiled!hahas!

Our hotel(But it is known as a condominium(?)) for the day was Greenpia where they have free WiFi for me to use.Shiok man!hahas!Tweeted and msn that night using phone.

And then we began to explore the huge skiing place.Like awesome or what?hahas!I was so excited for skiing and snow(:
The snow was niceeeeee-look so white and soft.
Took a 30+ minutes cable car ride up to the top of the mountain.I wanted to ski down but we were not allowed because we were total beginners.hahas!

&& they totally look like ants from here,hahas!

It was time for lunch so we took the 30+minutes cable ride again.This time,downwards.I really like the ride because you can see everything from the bird's eye view.

I particularly like this photo.Actually I didn't wanna let my brother take my picture but he insisted,hahas!My cousin said it was nice too,with the background and Korean scribble.

Headed for skiing session.See,despite being abroad,I still exercise.Moreover I perspire!Can you believe it?Perspiring on a cold weather?hahas!It was tiring but fun.I want to try snowboarding next!hahas!Did I mention I didn't fall,not even once?(k,action only,hahas!)
If Singapore has skiing as a sport,I might join for fun.If there is snowboarding,confirm submit my registration form.hahas! room!I was supposed to sleep in this room alone...
...with this traditional bed but my brother got a bit scared because the whole apartment room was too big so he asked me to bunk in with him.hahas!And being an awesome nice sister,I agreed,hahas!

Living room

I like this hotel room because it is BIG and comfy,especially sleeping on the floor with the bed sheet.Cool man!

Headed out for dinner and as usual,those kids wanna take jump shots because they are addicted to it,hahas!

Oh oh oh!&& dinner was sitting on the floor cushion.WOW.hahas!
Right,more veggies

Headed out at night with just a tee shirt,track pants and a coat to the nearest shopping center to explore.Luckily I took my camera and snapped lots of amazing night sceneries.

So we reached the shopping center and fu-yo!it smells like tinner!Guess because it is new but still,totally buay tahan the smell.The ironic thing was,only the 4 of us were reacting this way.The Koreans look alright.
Waffles with cream and honey,I think.
Saw this fast food restaurant and we wanted to try it out.The next picture triggered our laughters.

They put this at the entrance.
Matthias:If no food is allowed here,then what are they selling?
4 of us burst into laughters.The first thing that came into our mind was:Take photo,upload to stomp and collect 50bucks.hahas!
I think they meant no OUTSIDE food allowed here.See,the thing about English is,once you missed or misuse a word,you can totally twist the sentence.

And on the way back,we saw another thing that totally huh us.

I didn't know 0 can be either positive or negative,hahas!

Right,that's all for Day 4.Day 5's coming up soon!

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