Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 5 in Korea!

Right,I am getting a bit lazy to update already.hahas!It's gonna be a busy week,once again so I may not be able to update as frequent as I intended to.

Moving on,Day 5 started off with breakfast in the hotel's ballroom(?).
Proceed to kimchi making at some kimchi factory.Nothing much though,just telling you what are the spices.Listen already also don't understand,hahas!After some light snacks,headed off to try the traditional costumes of Korea.Just the top layer only,not the whole set.The whole set costs a bomb!

Headed off for lunch.BBQ meat!(I am hungry and blogging about food is not helping to ease the hunger:()

Bloated,stink and unable to move,hahas!

After which,we took a 1 hour ride to some terminal and transfer to a 5-10minute shuttle bus ride to Everland(I think,cannot remember what's the name)
The amusement park has a zoo inside,cool or what?There are 3 parts of it-the top,the middle and the bottom.I think we went to the middle?Cannot remember either.Imagine the middle is already this huge,what about the rest?:O

And we queued for...

Next's up for all roller coaster fans,this is it!The world's largest roller coaster which last about 3 minutes 48 seconds(combination of 2 photos) awaits you here!Once your butt hit the seat,that's it!It is so freaking steep and high!Can hear all the screams.scary!

So our first ride of the day was a tour around some animals.

So while queuing and waiting,my cousin got bored.Being a nice cousin,I entertained him:)

Camels, giraffes, zebras and elephants are all on leave.Gotta clear their year end leaves,hahas!
Got a bus to ourselves because it will be specially introduced in Mandarin.
Presenting you,the white tigers!

Next,a cross bred of tiger and lion.First time!:O
Supposed to have 2 but the other one died of old age.

&& there are black bears around!Some perform tricks like this one,he will 向你拜拜 with the paws clapped together!hahas!So obedient,unlike Monty.tsk,hahas!

And it was free and easy.So we loiter around,trying to find our way...
Not gonna upload the monkey valleys' monkeys because I am not a money person.hahas!Can find them on facebook.

Waaa,you see this cub.Life is awesome for it man!They totally treat it like a baby and sleep in a cot!gosh!*disbelief*

Believe it or not,I sat next to him.Yes,I took this ride with him-.-

HAHAHAHAHAHAS.Seriously,the English,tsk.

So niceeeeeeeeee!

&& we headed to catch the Christmas Parade.NICE!(Y)
While the mascots were dancing,I was thinking:'How much are they paid per hour?hahas!Keep dancing with the heavy costumes,not tiring ah?hahas!'
Oh well,just enjoy the photos!

Headed to the Garden of Flowers(or something like that) and explore.Cool(Y)

Dinner at this isolated place,super dark with no lights.Used to be a place where the aircrafts were being parked and now,the aircrafts are still there.creepy!hahas!
After mixing it with the spicy sauce,it becomes like this...

Checked in at some 5 stars hotel,think the name is Sheraton.hahas!A bit small though.

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