Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day 2 in Korea

I am not gonna upload everything because it will be a freaking long post.The rest are at facebook,check them out if you want.

Right,the day where I mysteriously lost one of my long sleeve shirt in the hotel room.Weird kay,just SUPER weird.tsk.
Anyway,morning call at 6am.In case you don't know,Korea is 1 hour ahead of Singapore so you can imagine me waking up at 5am in the morning.I don't even wake up this early to go to school!tsk.
Right,we headed to this place for breakfast.

And we walked to this pier to see the 龙头.hahas!

I freaking love the sea,so clear!Unlike Singapore.

So can you spot the dragon head?I think it is pretty obvious

And and,they sell this.Getting goosebumps looking at them?I sure am getting:/

And another bus ride to this mountain.This place has an inactive volcano and our job is to climb up the mountain.hahas!

And after many whining,encouragements,panting,pulling and whatnots,we have finally reached the top!Despite being at Korea,I still exercise!


I think they meant protected but I have no idea why they spelled it as procted.hahas!

Roadside stall again!How can i ignore it?hahas!
This potato thingy is nice,seriously.Another reason why I love roadside stalls-nice.hahas!

Went horse riding after that.Just 2 miserable rounds though,hahas!

Lunch at another weird place,again.hahas!Oh and I don't know who took the below photo:/

Cool heater!
And we had 黑猪肉.hahas!Taste like normal pork to me though.

Went to the village after lunch to explore.hahas!The village chief's daughter brought us around.
Know 大长金 the Korean show?It was filmed here.

Those were the costumes from the show.hahas!

Had an hour bus journey to the green tea museum.Had green tea cake roll,black tea cake roll and green tea milkshake.Expensive eh!

And then we explored another place(don't know where though,hahas!)

niceeeeeee,I like(Y)

And...we went to the teddy bear museum-the must visit place!So I'll just let the photos do the talking and make the green eyes monster in you come out,muhahahahahas!

And the third most expensive bear is the LV bear.In my opinion,this bear is worth a lot because of the brand,that's all.The clothings and suitcase are branded.Without them,this bear is just another ordinary bear*shrugs*

And the second most expensive bear is the swarovski bear which is worth KRW10,960,000.Wow.hahas!

Last but not least,the most expensive (and ugliest) bear ever...(HAHAHAS!)

Remember Goong the drama?I saw the bears.Oh my gosh cause I seriously love the drama a lot.hahas!


After all the gagging,we headed to this place for seafood steamboat.Seriously after this meal,I started having phobia for cabbages and bean sprouts.You will know why at the end of this whole trip:s

Stay tuned for Day 3!

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