Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 3 in Korea!

This is the day where I woke up at 3am (Singapore time) to take a domestic flight from Jeju Island to Incheon/Gimpo (I don't know which one). The moment I sat on the seat,it was lights out for me for 1 hour,hahas!

Then we headed to some amusement park.Totally got the Christmas feel man!hahas!

The indoor pirate ship which has a super long queue.Crazy teenagers,tsk.hahas!

Our first ride of the day was this...
It is like some adventure thing where you sit on this boat and they will bring you through the story.Kinda funny when you watch the tv because it just doesn't seems right that the English-looking people are speaking Korean.They are dubbed!hahas!Fine,I don't know how to explain but it is wrong!

Righttttt,so during this ride,I screamed twice.Why?Because there were 2 sudden down slopes and I am not what you call,a roller coaster person.And yeah,I felt a bit dumb after screaming,seeing that my cousins were kinda composed.

And we started exploring.The place is...WOW-LY BIG!

My favourite ride which lasted 3 minutes!hahas!:D

She covered her face because she felt embarrassed,hahas!

I wish Singapore bakeries are as creative as this:/
Matthias,my uncle and I went for this.It's kinda disappointing because the spaces are too limited and the shape of the area is weird.
And the ironic thing was,it was 3 Singaporeans against a bunch of Korean teenagers with me as the only female.hahas!

Then we queued 20 minutes for a monorail ride.It was a good thing that we took this ride because it was an overview of the indoor and outdoor park.Like cool or what?hahas!The outdoor amusement park is...WOW!Totally not my kind of thing,hahas!Plus the queues for every single ride were exaggerating long!

Even if you threaten me with something,anything,whatever,I die die also won't put my butt on that seat!

Went for a 80% vegetables,20% meat lunch steamboat.hahas!I hope you are getting an idea why I am developing a phobia for cabbages.

Then after lunch,We took a 5 minutes boat ride to Nami Island.It was,I think,0 degrees. Didn't wear gloves because it will be difficult to take photos.

See the fog?

You know the drama,Winter Sonata?It was filmed in this island.Frankly speaking,the forest seems to draw a mysterious aura.I don't know how to explain the feel but it is rather peaceful when you walk through it.Kinda nice:)

My cousin pointed it out to me.hahas!As usual,it took me awhile to figure out the heart shape,hahas!
And i fell down in this forest,ONCE.hahas!Cause of carelessness,didn't see the ice and I walked on it.As a result,I slipped and fell and my butt hurts;(
Instead of getting up immediately and feeling embarrassed like any ordinary human being will feel,I sat there;stunned for a moment and started laughing with my family.hahas!

Headed back to the hotel for spa cum swimming session.
Those mountains look like what I drew in primary school.hahas!
The hotel room is like an apartment!Cool or what?hahas!

Because i felt shy going for the spa session,I stayed behind with my cousin and aunt.Slacked around till the designed time to meet the rest.

I don't know,he just like to take photos.hahas!

His jump shot!hahas!I have many more on Facebook!

After picking up the rest, we headed for (another) steamboat.This time is about 90% vegetables,10% meat?hahas!Why don't you judge for yourself?

See buddy,I was lazy to update but because you asked me about it,I blogged.hahas!better appreciate it alrightttttt?You know who you are,hahas!

Hopefully I will update on Day 4 soon!hahas!

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