Saturday, December 25, 2010

Day 1 in Korea

Alrighty peepos!Here is the awaited entry of Day 1 in Korea.For spoilers,you can proceed to my facebook albums,hahas!
I am trying to remember so pardon me if I miss some parts out,hahas!

So,we took a midnight 6 hours flight and we reach there at about 7plus 8 plus(Korea time) in the morning.

After we reached Incheon, we have to transfer to a 1 hour domestic flight to Jeju Island.

The first thing that came to my mind when I stepped out of the airport was:Shiok weather.hahas!

First thing in the morning,we went to the market.It is like the Korea Version of Tiong Bahru Market.hahas!

Next up will be food.muhahas!I am gonna make you readers so hungry that you wanna grab something to eat and grow fat with me!hahas!
We went to this place for breakfast/lunch(cannot remember).

The first meal of the trip was...

Ginseng Chicken!

First,you put the noodles in.
Second,you break the belly apart to let the rice out.
Third,you add the wine in.
Fourth,you enjoy it.

After which, we went to this mysterious road.A little details about it:The road is an up slope, as seen in the photo below.When the bus turn off it's engine,the bus moved upwards instead of staying still or rolling backwards!Weird isn't it?To test this theory again,the tour guide bought a bottle of mineral water and empty the bottle on the road.The water was seen flowing upwards!Wow,cool or what?hahas!

Gosh,I love roadside stalls like this.hahas!

And for dinner,we had a variety of food.Superb!hahas!In every Korean meal,there will be a bowl of rice,soup and side dishes like kimchi.Just eating the side dishes alone can make you full.
Seaweed soup is good for skin!;D

And there will be a basket of lettuces/cabbages at the side whenever there are meats.This is because Koreans do not drink tea and to 'get rid' of the oily taste,they wrap the meat with the veggie and eat it together.Another reason will be for digestion too.
So,do I sound smart?hahas!

The view from our hotel room.

Stay tuned for Day 2!

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