Sunday, August 22, 2010

Remember that happiness is a way of travel-not a destination

YAY!Met up with girlfriends yesterday.Met KY and WL first at 313 to buy HY's present.Hope you like it:)
Headed to Clarke Quay and got lost(as usual!) while trying to find Roberto Walk.hahas!
Finally found the restaurant.
One question:They sell steaks but why a pig as a mascot?

Pepper and cheese!
The 4 different orders of steaks.
Are you feeling hungry?:o

After eating,we headed back to Clarke Quay to slack.Waited for the time to pass.Chit chats and photo taking

Went to PowerHouse and Dragonfly to explore since we are entitled to free entry.

Dragonfly is totally a place for chilling out-the ambiance and jazz music,love it!I am so going to go there...for coffee when I grow older:p
I don't drink alcohol alrightttt(:

Gonna go for hair make over tomorrow!XD
Next's up,meeting with PJL on Tuesday.So egg-citeddddddddd!;D

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