Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Love conquers all things except poverty and toothache.

Alright,this will be more of like a family post.
Dinner celebration for the August members on 14 August 2010.Full to the max dinner!
Here's wishing them blessed birthdays!:D

The August born people!


Badminton with XX,HuiPing and Esther at Mountbatten.Freaking funny today,really ROFLOL TTM!
Irene joined us for Katong laska then slacked at HP's house.
Watched the swimming and taekwondo events.HP buay tahan XX,Irene and my 'kan chiong-ness' and screaming while watching the female taekwondo match.She was this close to a tie with Vietnam!YBL came and she also buay tahan XX and my disbeliefs for the swimming event.
Hahas,super funny!

Let's see:
Badminton on Tuesday
Tchoukball on Wednesday
Tennis on Thursday (?)
Tchoukball on Friday
What a busy weeeeeeeeeeek!

Alright,shall end off with another adorable photo of my cousin.Ready?


*Disclaimer:Please do not save his photo,no matter how tempted you are or how adorable he is.They are strictly for viewing purposes only.Stalkers of my cousin are warned not to visit my blog.Please do not go gaga over him as he is still very young.Thank you very much.

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