Sunday, August 29, 2010

Post APTC dinner!

Finally!A team dinner!;D
Lots of antics and funny faces,especially me because of my new hairdo.Took lots of photos and dine in at Yuki Yaki.Bought a slice of cake for Marilyn for her belated birthday.Full to the maxxxxxxxx!

The early comers who got bored while waiting for the rest so they took lots of photos

Thank God for the unlimited servings of SASHIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!

My new sashimi kaki!We took n plates of sashimi,one after another.hahahahas!I think the waiter and waitress pek chek with our table.hahas!

Team photo(:

More on facebook.can't expect me to upload everything righttttttt?hahas!

By now you should have seen my new hair style.In the beginning,I hate my fringe,seriously.My hair was freaking flat!I should have told the hairdresser but no idea why the words were stuck at my throat.I was unwilling to leave the house.hahas.
Anyway,it is much better now plus my unglam photos are all published on facebook so,I am over it!Not gonna bother about it anymore,hahas!

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