Friday, April 2, 2010

21March2010-Day 5 of Study Trip

Trekked Yao Ming Shan on the fifth day.Wore short pants and tee shirt-wrong attire as it was very cold and windy.I must be insane to think that I will perspire while trekking.YX even brought a mini fan.hahas!Plus my jacket played a prank on me-cannot zip up!ARGH!
Anyway,the wind was SHIOK!Love it to the max man!And not forgetting the sceneries!They are the BEST!

My favourite photo(:
Milk pond.The name was given due to the colour of the sulphur something something.(cannot remember)

Maximum number of people on the bridge:10

Black Dog Bone-the dog which followed us throughout the whole trekking journey.

With Chen,our English tour guide.

Then it was free and easy!YX,Cheryl,Clement,Kel and Jason went to Dang Shui whereas me and Justin explored around the city area for the city sceneries.
First stop was the Discovery Center of Taipei.I ran around that place like an amused small kid.hahas!The things there are so fascinating and interesting.Love that place!:D

No kidding,it was the 'floor'.It is like,we are walking on top of it.
This too!
I think that this is Taipei 101 but Justin argued that it is not.
watch a show on this revolving platform.
HOHOHO.I drew a lot with this machine.
Mine said:Profit from a misfortune,everything will turn favourable to you.
Justin's one has something got to do with nobility like he is a noble person or something like that which I strongly disagree.HAHAS.Interesting machine.

Junks of the century!

Enough of exploring.Think Justin couldn't stand me running around and getting lost.hahas!So we were searching for a place to have lunch and we came across this:
Taiwan's version of Statue of Liberty. The new and improved version?hahas!

Street performance.Wonder how that person stayed still for so long without moving.Hmm...
Dogs in the shop!
Awesome trio who plays music using flutes.

Then we went to Rao He Night market.

Shared a bowl of beef soup noodle because I was still full from lunch and Justin insisted that I eat.sigh.Then we headed to Wu Fen Pu Night market for more shopping.Met the clique back at the hostel and chatted at YX and Cheryl's room.Lots of laughters and teasing-as usual.
Oh and I slept alone in the room for the night because both my roommates hung out the entire night.

In case you people never noticed,I created a twitter account.Don't know why I created one.

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