Monday, March 29, 2010

20March2010-Day 4 of Study Trip

Feeling a bit lazy because there are many photos to upload and Blogger did not allow me to upload yesterday.

Went to Taipei Zoo on Day 4!Was feeling the excitement!:D

Sea otters.Couldn't see clearly because they were sleeping in the dark corners and flashlights were not allowed.

Next will be...the Pandas!

Ending off with a picture of Patrick.
Frankly speaking,I was a bit disappointed because there wasn't much to see except for the pandas which was the highlight of the zoo.I mean,I was hoping for some animal shows or some weird animals that I have never seen before.

Then we went to Tien Mu Baseball Stadium for the long awaited CBPL 2010 opening games.

They have some games corner for people to try batting,throwing and etc to get the feel of how baseball is played.

I am definitely rooting for Lions (the orange team).

The middle board says:Mum,I am here.
Talk about identifying people.

Lions lost but it's alright!It is just the first game.There are 199 more chances to catch up!

Wow,the game day experience was awesome.Seriously,the atmosphere and the fans-overwhelming!Love it!hahas!I finally understand how the game is played.
Because we were so enthusiastic with the cheering and shouting (people just kept looking at us),the cameraman came to take a photo of us and that photo appeared on the Lions' website!I mean,the ambiance was contagious-just like the basketball game,so you can't blame us for making so much noise.hahas!
I guess partially was because we were from Singapore.We wrote Singapore in Chinese on the big boards provided and the boys kept raising it.Some even asked:'What is Singapore?' Got to LOL hard at that.

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