Sunday, April 4, 2010

22March2010-Last day of Study Trip

It's finally the last day-saddest day of all.Oh well,all good things come to an end so expected.
Continuing from the previous post,I woke up in the morning,finding myself alone in the room.Went to Carrefour with Cheryl and I freaking paid S$4.90 for a large plastic bag!zzz
Packed and headed out for lunch at...MODERN TOILET!
For those who don't know.Modern toilet is a restaurant where they sells food using toilet as their concept.(The name says it all) Funny and interesting at the same time.Check it out.

I brought this back!
As usual,I couldn't finish.Justin was there to finish it for me.HAHA.A handy food bin.
The 7 of us couldn't even finish this so you can imagine how big this was.

The people who made this trip a fun and enjoyable one(:

Night flight back was awesome.Love the sky with the glittering stars-so many many!Night view of Singapore was great too.Sigh,an unforgettable one.
We are going to backpack to Taiwan to climb the seven stars mountain in 3 years' time so time to start saving!
I learnt a lot from this trip-backpacking tips from Justin,travelling tips from Cheryl and etc but the most important will be:what I want to do in life.YES,you read it.
I am aiming for Monash University in Australia.After graduating from poly,there will be a period of free time.I will try to backpack to New Zealand during that time.Hopefully I will be able to visit my aunt and her family,who is in Tasmania,either at the end of this year or next year January.
So far that's my plan.Hopefully will be able to backpack with the Taiwan clique!

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