Friday, March 26, 2010

19March2010-Day 3 of Study Trip

Headed to Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall in the morning.Many said that it is a MUST place to go in Taiwan.

We than proceed to the Zhong Zheng Sports Center, something like Singapore's community center but their's is way way better with A LOT of facilities.

See these guns?They are for national shooters-brand new!We are honoured to have a go at it though because these new guns were not supposed to be touched by anyone except the shooters themselves.

Do you see this in Singapore?

After the tour, we went to Taipei Physical Education College where a talk on High School Basketball League(HBL) was shared. Interesting. Made some Taiwan friends:)

we watched the semi-finals of the HBL games at the National Taipei University (NTU) stadium that night.

I tell you,the basketball game ROCKS!Seriously,the atmosphere was just so, so, so CONTAGIOUS-can never forget the feel of the game!It is like,you will find yourself cheering unknowingly.IMPRESSIVE.I have decided to like watching basketball games LIVE.Watching games on TV is NOTHING.Watching it LIVE is THE REAL THING!
First was the ladies match.The blacks were pretty aggressive whereas the whites were...not so aggressive but I was rooting for the whites.hahas!

See the crowd,scary much?
The whites were losing;(

But nevertheless,they did well!

Next was the male.Guess which team was I rooting for?Red or Green?

It is expected right?hahas!

The green team won!
WOW!Who knew that watching a LIVE basketball game will be so...WOW?!?

After the game,we went to Gong Guan night market for more FOOD-HUNTING!This time,changed clique.

With these people,I laughed till I cannot stand.Awesome friends(Y)!Because Justin don't like his funny photos posted online,I respect his decision.But for those who wants to see,feel free to ask me!;)

Stay tune for Day 4!
Side track for a moment:Beach Tchoukball competition tomorrow.Break a leg people!:D

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