Wednesday, March 24, 2010

18March2010-Day 2 of study trip

Right,had a few miserable hours of sleep.Woke up at around 7am.
First stop-National Taiwan Sport University.Explored the university.Their competition hall is HUMONGOUS!

Training ground for archers.

Deep diving pool.(in the process of being filled)
Sports media room
They used this to teach physics.

Next stop:Nangang EXPO Hall.We came here for the International Taiwan Cycle Show 2010.Bike Lovers,you will love this exhibition.

There are bikes in many different forms,shapes,sizes and colours.You will be amazed.Moreover,you won't get to see these kind of bicycles in Singapore.Now that is the best part:D

The seat is freaking high!

Cool wheels!
Believe it or not,the name of this red bike is Flo Rider.

Next's up:This bike,I tell you,is AWESOME TO THE MAX!Why?
You know,when we cycle,we listen to our mp3s/iPods/etc.When we cycle for long,we worry about the battery.But this bike,I tell you,will keep your mp3/iPod/etc CHARGED!As long as your music player uses USB,it works for you!It actually make use of your paddling energy.Not only that,headlights are also switched on upon paddling!
Oh and this bike can also protect your mp3/iPod from water.There is a case where you can put your music player.How convenient!
Besides that,the seat of the bike actually house a pump for the bike!
Last but not least,it takes only a few seconds to fold this bike!

Just when I thought cars like Porsche are selfish cars,this is worse.hahas!

Next stop:Taipei 101 mall
Shopped for biscuits and cookies!

Next stop:Taipei 101
I tell you,it is SUPER DUPER EXTREMELY FABULOUS!It only took a few seconds to reach the 89th floor!Alright,let the photos do the talking!

The sceneries are the BEST!
Views from 89th floor.

The ferris wheel is at Miramar.I wanted to have a go but it was too far.So yeah,quite saddening:( But the rest of the views lifted my mood immediately!(:

Took this from 91th floor.The place is outdoor and the wind is SHIOK man!You can hear the wind howl due to the metal bars.I love this place and I think you will too!:D


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