Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Prank call

Unknown=U, Me=C

U:Hello,is this Charlene?
C:Yes,who is this?
U:I am calling from RP.You have yet to pay school fees.
C:Huh?I did. *Thinking:If I have yet to pay,why did they un-ban me from LEO?*
U:When did you pay?
C:A few days ago,I have the receipts.
U:Can you read the numbers to me?
C:*Take wallet out,thank GOD that I never throw the receipts* There are so many numbers,which one do you want?
U:Erm,just read all out.
C:huh?oh ok.*started reading*
U:You were absent from school today right?
C:Erm,yeah *start to panic*
U:Did you receive any letter from RP?
C:Erm no.
U:Why were you absent?
C:Er,I stayed at home to study.
U:Study for UT3?
U:Try not to skip school.It will affect your grades when you move on to the final year.You want to go to Year3 right?
C:Erm yeah.
U:So have you heard about the recent RP news?
C:Erm which one?*begin to think*
U:The one about the malay girl
C:oh that,yeah
U:So do you have any comments on that?We are actually doing a survey
C:Er,no comments.*Huh?Something is wrong.*
C:Eh wait,who the hell are you?

Couldn't catch what the fellow said next and he hung up.Next moment Shariff called me.From that on,I realized I got tricked by my classmates though Shariff denied.
W16k,nice one eh.I fell for it.Worse is I actually got scared.Fun eh?They are gonna make fun of me tomorrow-confirm.

*2 mins later*
ARGH!still cannot believe I fell for it!T.T

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