Wednesday, February 3, 2010

If lying is your fashion,it's a bad look

The best thing about using laptop during school time is when your class people are all engaged in one single convo. They say things that makes you go ROFLOL hard.haha!

And I have so many proofs that Shawn is a evil fellow.
Red shirt and his very funny imitations.AHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Man,don't you just love this class?(:

UT3 is next week.I skipped school today to study at home because I realized that I won't have much time to study in the upcoming days.Only today,Friday and maybe a bit of Sunday.
Oh and I got into national team B.When Huiping told me,I was like ...?!?...Just as I want to drop out,I got selected.Anyway,there is training tomorrow so gonna try out and see how it goes.
Got to do the R.I.C.E project thing on Saturday again,sigh,and rush home to change for reunion dinner.So no time to study.
Beach Tchoukball on Sunday.Hopefully I can squeeze a little time out for studying.
Can't wait for UTs to be over.

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