Sunday, October 25, 2009

I am talking bout our future love

Last Friday's gym photos.As usual,we've got a couple of patterns.haha!

I think I look like a doll in this photo.eww.haha!

World Hearts' Day.Eh.I do volunteering work HOR.And apparently I humiliated myself again in public while I was on my way home.SICKENing.
Movie with W16K tomorrow evening,treating grandma Crystal Jade for lunch tomorrowwwwww!
My arm still hurts;(
I am gonna get busier as time goes by and I've lots of difficulties answering RJ questions now because it's totally different from previous semester.
Feel the stress,baby!haha!But no worries,I am still the same old Char-the joker and laugher!(I made that word up,basically it's a person who laugh.)
So yeah whatever people,just remember to chill,relax and take things slow man!

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