Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lost and Found

Talk about punctuality.These 2 UN-gentlemen made ME wait 1 hour for their 'VIP' arrival.awesome huh.Their last minute change of plan is really the last minute kind.Thanks a lot,friend.Not that I am upset or anything,I just want to make YOU 2 guilty but somehow or rather,I think I failed to do so.tsk.
Anyway,hang around at the arcade while waiting for Cherie.

Both of them LOST to ME!(for the first 2 rounds.)
I don't know how long we have spent our time there when Cherie turned up.Headed to Vivo's TOYS' R US.

Plus a dense video which makes me go LOL real HARD.

Guess who?
Guess what?
Many LOL videos-correct,no,correct,no
Club Mac was up next.As usual,our antics don't end there.
Tell me why are they my friends again.
We went for the fish spa,as SUGGESTED BY CHERIE.

And guess what,I have her screaming video.haha!The one who suggested was the one who do not dare to put her legs in!
Open area+fresh air+drinks.
SEE.Bad Influence.2 idiots.ha!

Ever see a cat playing basketball?O.O

Not bad for a cat eh?


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