Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Eh Reflection La.

Damnit.I suddenly feel like I am a kid who is full of problems that have yet to be discovered.
I think I discovered some:
`Time management problem-proven.UTs and exams are wonderful examples.I always fail to complete the whole damn paper.Don't know why.
`No sense of urgency-proven.I always act as though as I have all the time in the world when I do not have.Examples?UTs lor.
`No self-discipline-proven.Tried to study for UTs but ended up using oovoo.sweet.How to survive in RP?
`problem focusing-proven.Most of the time I seems to be paying attention to what the teacher is saying.But in actual fact,almost 80% of my mind is in a blank.I have short attention spam.
`STM-proven.I tend to forget things easily like what I did last week or in worse cases,what did I just said 5 minutes ago?Trust me,this is how serious my STM is.
well,the list goes on.I don't know how many more hidden flaws do I have.Currently,I am not interested in finding them out.I think I am going to say something bizarre,something which is so not me-I am feeling a bit disappointed in myself with my UT grades.
Spare the sympathy/empathy/pity.I do better without it.Read the title.
I realised that I am typing a whole chuck of nonsense.So this is what reflection is all about.aahhhh.

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