Sunday, June 28, 2009

Not so Snow White


Transformers rocks!

and I am always loving it!:D

Don't give me that are-you-a-girl logic.
Yes,I am definitely a girl but not those typical types only.
I LOVE gundams.
I HATE wearing skirts and dresses.
I ADORES action-packed movies-one that requires a lot of fighting scenes and have me sitting at the edge of the seat(examples,Transformers 1 & 2)
I DISLIKE Barbie dolls cause I think they are stupid.

1)No,I do not wear make-ups.

2)Neither do I cry over sad and romantic films or songs.No offences to anybody but I think it's retarded to do so.

3)I don't care how I look as long as I am comfortable even though I look dumb in the public eyes.

4)I don't follow the latest fashion trends cause I don't want to have twins wherever I go.

5)I laugh when I embarrassed myself;call me thick-skinned or whatever,like I care.

6)I enjoy entertaining my friends,laughing with them laughing at me.

7)I cheer people up easily.Believe it a not,counselling can be considered as my part-time job

8)Yeah and I think fairy tales and happy endings are just fictions.Sure I do daydream at times but never mix them with reality.

9)I do not behave like a girl,that's why my family is worried that I will fall for the same gender.

10)I have commitment problems

OK.all these are very random issues.I have no faintest idea why am I doing this.So go ahead and have a laughing good time,that is if you can find any,cause I don't mind.But I know my friends like me for who I am right?teehee!

Once again...


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