Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Long over-due photos!

Last Friday 08 May 2009

Don't exactly remember what happened so pardon me if this post doesn't make sense(:
Went arcade with JX,Cherie and Hellven.

Wanted to try our luck for the 'free' machine but the machine got changed

Next,JX and Cherie played the House Of Dead 4

Then we raced and I won.WAHAHAHAHAHAHAS!:D
Anyway,headed to Vivo to watch XMen with them.They did their RJ on the way

Bought the 2320 tickets.They are currently having the lucky draw and we were entitled.
Before we pressed the buttons,4 of us said something in hokkien which I didn't know how to spell but it means strike

So we kinda got HIGH and took lots of photos!
And that's the reason why I reached home at around 2am.
Webcammed with JiaLin last night.secretly took a screenshot without telling her.
Got a bit bored in class so I tried out the new webcam max with Nurul
Supposed to go for physical training but Cherie psycho me to skip.So here I am,blogging at ArtBites.
Gosh.UT is coming in 8 days and I am having a UT dry run tomorrow.Crap-.-

Credits to Dia!:D

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